Hello Kitty Discovering the World

Educational Game

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  • Now, with Hello Kitty Discovering the World you can travel to more than 50 countries and you will be able to…

  • Build your own Zoo with animals from all countries.

  • Prepare the food for Hello Kitty in her incredible kitchen.

  • Dress Hello Kitty with the traditional clothes and accessories of each country.

  • Learn Geography, know the countries, their location, their data, their flag and much more.

    Prepare the suitcase and start your trip. You just have to select a country to visit…


–  Fun interactive games for girls and boys from 4 years old.
– Encourages autonomous learning.
– With Hello Kitty children learn geography by placing countries and continents on the map, tracking them and drawing their flags.
– Power imagination and creativity.
– They make their own meals mixing ingredients, cooking and testing if Hello Kitty likes it.

– Dress up Hello Kitty with more than 50 dresses and accessories.
– Have fun combining dresses and accessories from different countries and cultures.

– Create your own album of memories by placing the photos in the Hello Kitty album.
– Bring the map to life by unlocking the monuments of each country.
– Build your own zoo by selecting the terrain, roads, characters and add your animals.
– Develop creativity by combining dresses and accessories typical of all countries.
– Motivate learning with gamification systems for children.
– Get food, animals, monuments and dresses from each country you visit.
– Application supervised by child educators.
– Available in 7 languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Russian, and Portuguese