Shaun The Sheep Brain Games

Educational Game

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  • Train your brain and win your opponents in a frentic and exciting competition game where only the most skilled, quick and trained will win all the battles.


  • Are you ready for this great challenge? Take your phone or tablet as it was the control of your game console and heat up your thumbs to get the best score by getting right the greatest number of answers in the time shown in the chronometer.

App Description

Shaun the Sheep Brain Games is an exciting videogame for players from 8 to 99 years old in which you can train your brain and speed in 10 cognitive skills in a fast and funny way.

To train in the most effective way you can save different player profiles and the difficulty of each area will adjust to your level of knowledge so that you can always improve your learning.



Shaun the Sheep Brain Games is divided in two fields:

–          Training

–          Battle


At the beginning you’ll have to start in the training zone with these available fields:

–          Calculation

–          Perception

–          Memory

–          Language

–          Space

–          Reasoning

–          Visualization

–          Discrimination


As you get a better score you can unlock your ten opponents in the battle zone.

Each opponent has different skills and you must win them all progressively in an incredible duel where all the fields of learning will be mixed up.

Your aim will be to beat Shaun, but it won’t be easy at all.