The Smurfs and the 4 Seasons

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The Smurfs and the 4 Seasons - Tap Tap Tales App
The Smurfs and the 4 Seasons - Tap Tap Tales App
The Smurfs and the 4 Seasons - Tap Tap Tales App
The Smurfs and the 4 Seasons - Tap Tap Tales App


  • What is your favorite season of the year? Choose a season and have fun playing more than 50 games.

  • Each time you achieve an activity, you will earn a sticker to complete your album and unblock the SUPERGAMES.

  • Tap on the dice to enjoy a fun match of “Snakes and Ladders” with your friends. Roll the die and solve the minigames on the board squares to move forward.



App Description

– Snakes and Ladders board game: Roll the die and good luck racing your friends to the last square. Solve all the minigames and be the first to get to the finish!
– English Learning: Expand your English vocabulary with games of colors, animals, objects, and parts of the body.
– Math: Practice your math skills with games of counting, addition, subtraction, mental calculation, series, and by studying concepts like double, half, equal, more than, less than, etc.
– Nature: Do you know the seasons of the year? How about the parts of the body?
– Memory: Put your memory to the test with fun games where you will have to remember sequences, positions, numbers, objects, and Smurfs.
– Space: learn about positions, coordinates, and spatial concepts with fun games like maze, jigsaw puzzles, directions, and more.
– Music: Do you know the musical instruments? The Smurfs will show you how they sound like.
– Perception: Which Smurf will arrive first? Put the Smurfs stories into the correct order, or Find Smurfette. Pay close attention and complete all the games.
– Arcade Games: Playing games is important for learning and dexterity. Play fun arcade and platform games and beat the high score.
– Paint, color, and create your own drawings using the Smurfs figures and stickers. Save or send your pictures when you are done.

The Smurfs and the Four Seasons is a stimulating app that allows children to play and learn independently and at their own pace.

General characteristics:
– Interactive educational kids game for ages 3 to 7.
– Highly visual and intuitive 3D design.
– Stimulates learning through the Supergames reward system.
– Encourages independent learning.
– Edcational activities arranged into difficulty levels.
– App checked and approved by early childhood education specialists.
– Parental control.
– No third-party ads.
– Available in 7 languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, German and Russian.

It’s educational, it’s safe, it’s fun.

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