Red Riding Hood

Puzzle Tale



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  • Enjoy the old time classic in high quality illustrations.

  • Have fun making 15 different puzzles in five levels of difficulty.

  • Take a photo of your own and make a unique puzzle!






App Description

…“Granny, Granny, what a big nose you have!”

“All the better to smell you with, dear,” replied the wolf cunningly.

“And those teeth, Granny, why do you have such big sharp teeth?”

“All the better to… eat you with!”…

With the Red Riding Hood Puzzle Tale, boys and girls will have fun and be able to enjoy this fantastic, classic tale.

With the TapTap Tales Puzzle Tales, two of children’s favourite activities come together: PUZZLES and STORIES.

Each story has 15 different puzzles that can be done with 4 levels of difficulty, thus making the experience gradual and fun for boys and girls aged 3 and up.

Each puzzle equals one page from the story. Thus, the little ones will also be able to enjoy the story, either by practising reading, or listening to it.

Two combined learning activities that kids are crazy about, and that benefit their development at the same time.

It’s educational, it’s safe, it’s fun

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